Know your numbers.

Enterprise data platform, startup friendly pricing. Collect, store, analyze, and act on your data in one app.

Get all your data in one place. See all 500+ sources

Fast? Definitely.

Simple? Absolutely.

Definite has everything you need to deploy analytics. Collect data from anywhere. Store, analyze and act on your data in Definite.

Feature Extract and Load


Don’t spend engineering time building pipelines. Connect to your data sources and we’ll handle the rest.

Feature Transform and Model


Create a single source of truth for your metrics where “Active Users” always equals “Active Users”. No matter who’s querying.

Feature Analyze and Visualize


Build stunning dashboards in minutes which can be embedded anywhere you need them

Feature AI


Our AI data analyst (named Fi) understands your data and can instantly get you the insights you need

Definite Lakehouse
Fast, efficent, and scalable
Definite makes bleeding-edge data infrastructure easy to use. In one-click, you get the same tech powering today's most succesful companies. We obsess over speed without sacrificing simplicity. Best-in-class security practices keep your data safe and secure at every layer.
Scalable Infrastructure
Definite handles big data, small data, and everything in between. Your Lakehouse automatically scales as your data grows.
High Performance
Lightning-fast performance on billions of rows. Execute complex queries with subsecond latency and get insights faster.
Cost Efficient
Built on the best open-source technologies in data (Iceberg and DuckDB). Get the same tech Netflix, Apple and Airbnb use without the overhead of managing it.
Access & Convenience
Write SQL in Definite or in a notebook. Explore your data with a pivot table or natural language. Access your data anywhere you need it with our API and SDK.
Replaces tools likeSnowflakeSnowflake,BigQueryBigquery, orRedshiftRedshift


People love Definite because it lets you focus on what matters. Setting up your own data infrastructure doesn’t make your beer taste better. Skip the tedium and start at analytics.

I was leading the efforts of setting up a business intelligence function. I was surprised how complex this all was to do even today. It’s something that every tech company would need at some point but it hasn’t been simplified. You need a whole team focused on building a data warehouse, setting up the right pipelines, and then integrating a BI tool on top.Definite wasn’t only the answer to this problem, it tackled the next problem I knew I’d have as soon as the BI tool was ready — how do we get non-technical teams and people to learn and utilise such a tool.

Aditya Sarkar

Co-Founder at Lean